Council flies two flags to help Ashburton people decide

7/01/2016 2:15 a.m.

Both flags in the upcoming New Zealand flag referendum are being flown in Baring Square West to help local people decide which one they prefer.

Mayor Angus McKay said the flags would be flown during business hours and would "give people an opportunity to really decide which one they liked best" before they voted in March.

The flagpoles, which are on Council land, are the most prominent in the district.  "Out of courtesy we asked the RSA about flying both flags and they supported us because of the national significance of this project," Mr McKay said.

The two flags include the existing New Zealand flag, which was adopted in 1902 and features the Union Jack and four stars representing the Southern Cross constellation.  The second flag was the most preferred alternative from five options presented to the New Zealand public late last year.   Known as the 'Silver Fern Flag', its dominant feature is a diagonal white fern sitting on a black and blue background. The four stars of the Southern Cross constellation are also part of the design.

The New Zealand public will be able to vote in the flag referendum from 3 to 24 March. For further information visit

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