Council exploring an Easter Sunday Trading Hours policy

15/12/2016 12:00 a.m.

​Ashburton District Council will begin discussions with key stakeholders to determine the demand for an Easter Sunday Trading Hours policy, following amendments to the Shop Trading Hours Act in September this year.

 Council will consult with retail business owners and key stakeholders from January 2017 to determine if there is any need for a policy.

 The Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act 2016 allows territorial authorities to decide whether retailers in their districts can open on Easter Sunday.

 "Our approach at this stage is to see what the affected retailers think of such a policy and if our district needs to
have one," Council Community Relations Manager Vincie Billante says.

 "There is no talk of what will or won't be in the policy at this stage, but whether or not we should have one. If we
do go down this track, then the policy will be open to wider community consultation as per our normal practices."

 A report on the findings from the stakeholder discussions is expected to be presented to Council in February
next year.

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