Council adopts key financial policies

5/04/2018 12:00 a.m.

Ashburton District Council has today adopted its Revenue & Financing Policy as well as its Development & Financial Contributions Policy.

The two policies, which are reviewed every three years, set out how Council funds its services and activities as well as Council's approach to funding the provision of new assets in the district as the community grows.

Ashburton District Mayor Donna Favel says the policies were carefully considered before being adopted, following robust community consultation.

"More than 500 submissions were received during the consultation process and it was tremendous to see so many in our community having their voices heard on these important documents. After considering a number of factors, including community feedback, some of the proposals in the draft Revenue & Financing Policy have been amended, while the proposals in the draft Development & Contributions Policy remain unchanged."

Under the adopted Revenue & Financing Policy, Lake Hood will be moved to an urban amenity rate over two years instead of one year, helping to phase in the changed amenities rate.

The EA Networks Centre will continue to be funded 60 per cent by Uniform Annual General Charge and the remaining 40 per cent by fees and charges, however the fees and charges for the stadium will be raised incrementally by 15 per cent in the first and second year, and 10 per cent in the third year. The gym and multi-memberships will rise by nine per cent in the first year.  Pool charges won't change .

"We have worked hard to make both of these policies as fair and equitable as possible, while meeting legislative and community needs.  It is a delicate balancing act but we feel we have come to a good decision," Mayor Favel said.​

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