Council Moves on Late Rates Payments

4/07/2014 12:00 a.m.

‚ÄčAs part of its revised Rates Remission Policy, Council is cracking down on late rates payments.

Ratepayers will only be allowed to apply for one penalty waiver every five years.

On average, close to 900 rates bills were late for each of the 6 instalments in the last year. The amount outstanding with each instalment was around $250,000 each time.

Council Business Support Group Manager Paul Brake says in the past Council has taken a fairly lenient approach on late rates payments but this has come at a cost to other ratepayers.

"Council's new policy addresses this by limiting the number of penalty waivers allowed," he said.

"Council recognises that the occasional lapse might happen due to unforeseen circumstances and the revised policy still allows for this," said Mr Brake.

Mr Brake recommends that residents use Rates Easypay to help avoid rates penalties.

"Rates Easypay involves a direct debit payment being set up with the ratepayer's bank and this can be made weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly or monthly to suit their budget," he said.

"If rates change, their payment is adjusted automatically and they are informed of any changes well in advance," said Mr Brake.

Council is also looking to introduce online credit card payments for rates this year.

Mr Brake says a payment plan can be made with ratepayers who are in arrears in cases of genuine need.

"If anyone would like to discuss a payment plan, please contact Council well in advance of your rates demands." he said.

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