Council Announces Deputy Mayor and Committee Appointments

30/10/2013 12:00 a.m.

Mayor Angus McKay believes this term's committee appointments reflect a good blend of skills and experience to help the district move forward.

Councillor Darryl Nelson has been appointed as Deputy Mayor for this Council term and the following appointments have been made to Council committees:

Environmental Services Committee

  • Cr Totty (Chair)
  • Cr McLeod (Deputy Chair)
  • Members: Cr Beavan, Cr Cutforth, Cr Ellis, Cr Reveley, Cr Wilson and Cr Urquhart

Finance and Business Support Committee

  • Cr Brown (Chair)
  • Cr Favel (Deputy Chair)
  • Members: Cr Beavan, Cr McLeod, Cr Nelson, Cr Nordqvist, Cr Reveley and Cr Urquhart

Service Delivery Committee

  • Cr Wilson (Chair)
  • Cr Nelson (Deputy Chair)
  • Members: Cr Brown, Cr Cutforth, Cr Ellis, Cr Favel, Cr Nordqvist and Cr Totty

Executive Committee

  • Mayor
  • Cr Nelson (Deputy Mayor)
  • 3 Committee Chairs (Crs Brown, Totty and Wilson)

Code of Conduct Committee

Mayor, Cr Beavan, Cr Ellis, Cr Favel, Cr McLeod and Cr Totty

"The Council team is a good mix of capable councillors who are ready to work together to deliver results for their community," he said.

"As part of the appointment process, I met with each councillor individually and discussed which committee they were interested in being a part of," said Mr McKay.

Mr McKay says he aimed to put together a team that best utilizes the skills and experience councillors bring to the team.

"It is all about coming together as a team, playing to the strengths of each individual and having roles suited to them," he said.

Mr McKay says with a mixture of seasoned and new councillors, it is important to ensure leadership skills are developed in ways that build capability across the whole Council team.

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