Council Allows More Time for Bridge Consultation

12/11/2013 12:00 a.m.

Ashburton District Council has extended the time residents have to make submissions on the application to designate land for the Ashburton second urban bridge and associated roads.

The closing date for submissions has moved out from 5 December to 17 January. The remainder of the hearings and decision process will also change as a result of the longer submissions period.

Council Environmental Services Manager, Jane Donaldson, says this is to give residents additional time over the Christmas period to consider the application and to make submissions.

Council had received requests to provide more time for residents to make submissions.

"With the Christmas and New Year period looming the decision has been made to push the closing date out to the middle of January," said Ms Donaldson.

"As the planning authority Council is required to provide 20 working days for the submission period and this new date more than doubles the time residents would normally have to make submissions," she said.

Ms Donaldson says as the Council is both planning authority and, as owner and operator of the road network, is also the requiring authority, she needed to seek the consent of Council's Service Delivery Manager, Neil McCann, to the extension of time.

"All agreed that this is a significant project for Council and the community and providing additional time for submissions was appropriate in this case," she said.

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