Council Adopts New District Plan

7/08/2014 12:00 a.m.

Ashburton District Council today adopted its new District Plan which will guide development in the district for the next decade.  This follows a review and complete overhaul of the previous Plan.

District Planning Manager Ian Hyde says the adoption of the Plan is a significant milestone for the district and, while different Councils have taken a different approaches to reviewing their plans, Council has been advised that this is a goal that less than ten other Councils have achieved.

"It has taken 7 years to complete the review and our community has been involved throughout the process," he said.

Work to review the District Plan first started in 2007.

"Councillors, staff and consultants reviewed every aspect of the current plan and the implications of changes to legislation before the proposed District Plan was publicly notified in 2010," he said.

In 2010, Council received 650 submissions on over 2,400 points in the proposed Plan.

The submissions received by the Council resulted in 460 changes to the proposed provisions of the district plan and 32 changes to the planning maps.

Mr Hyde says Council would like to thank all residents who made submissions and got involved in the process.

"Their contribution has helped shape the future growth of our district," he said.

Following notification of the Plan 13 appeals were received, all of which have been successfully mediated or resolved out of court between council and the appellants.

With the development framework of the district now in place, Mr Hyde says District Plan users now have clarity and can make planning decisions with confidence.

The previous District Plan was prepared in the late 1990s. Mr Hyde says the updated District Plan better reflects the current and anticipated needs of the District over the next ten years.

"As our district continues to grow, Council will monitor how the Plan is working  in relation to the changing environment." said Mr Hyde

The District Plan will be notified on 14 August and become fully operative on 25 August. From 14 August, copies will be available at, the Council office and the Ashburton Public Library.

Note:  The Resource Management Act (RMA) requires Council to have a district plan and review it at least every 10 years. The plan sets out rules for how people can use and develop land under the RMA and how to best manage and protect the district's natural assets.  This involves urban and rural growth, commercial and industrial development, land subdivision, landscapes, heritage sites and protection of environmentally sensitive areas. The District Plan review process is separate to the Annual Plan and the Council's Long Term Plan.


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