Consultation Policy available for consultation


Ashburton District Council's draft Significance and Engagement Policy is available for residents to provide feedback on. 

The new policy spells out how the Council will consider the importance of proposals, policies and decisions and how it will design community engagement process appropriate to the level of importance. The policy comes out of changes to the Local Government Act passed in August and looks to give councils more flexibility in how they consult with their communities. 

Council's Community Relations Manager Gavin Thomas says the policy has been developed collaboratively with other Canterbury councils. 

"Councils in Canterbury believe there is value in working more closely together on policy development and this is the first result of that," he says. 

All councils are required to adopt their Significance and Engagement Policy by 1 December 2014. 

"The timeframe is extremely tight and this means the policy will be available for consultation for three weeks rather than the four weeks residents will be more accustomed to," says Mr Thomas. 

The draft policy and accompanying information is available on the Council website or from the Council's offices. 

Residents have until 10 November to make submissions with hearings to be held on 19 November.

Learn more about the draft Significance and Engagement Policy


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