Community pool set for demolition

16/12/2016 9:00 a.m.

Ashburton District Council has approved a $75,000 budget to demolish the Ashburton community pool on Walnut Avenue at yesterday’s Council meeting.

The pool’s demolition has been an agreement between Council and the Ministry of Education, whose land the pool resides on at Ashburton College. 

The $75,000 will cover Council’s portion of the demolition cost, with the Ministry of Education covering the remainder.

“Council will be responsible for a number of tasks in the demolition process, including arranging for power to be disconnected to the complex, emptying the pool and arranging regular security patrols,” Commercial Manager Colin Windleborn says.

The Ashburton community pool was closed and the Community Pool Board disestablished in May 2015 after the construction of the EA Networks Centre.

Dates for the demolition will be finalised at a later time.

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