Community members get the chance to see a recycling facility in action

11/05/2016 12:00 a.m.

Rural citizens from around the district were given an opportunity this week to tour the materials recovery facility in Timaru where Ashburton District Council recycling is sorted.

The facility, located at Redruth Resource Recovery Park, sorts and processes the recycling from the recyclable drop
off sites.

Methven Community Board Chair Liz McMillan said her board was pleased to support this field trip because it gives citizens a chance to learn more about what happens to their recycling after they drop it off, and then share this information with others in the community.

"This has been a wonderful opportunity for people to see first-hand where our recycling ends up and what happens to it once it reaches Timaru," Ms McMillan said.

Ashburton District Council Waste Recovery Manager Craig Goodwin said the fieldtrip, which was organised by the Methven Community Board and the Council, was offered to rural citizens associations and aimed to highlight benefits of the new rural collection system.

Rural recyclable drop off sites now receive all recyclables into one bin while in the past they had been separated. Glass is still collected in its separate colours but using different bins than before. One other change is that plastics can now also be recycled at the rural sites.

Mr Goodwin said, apart from highlighting the benefit of this system, he also hoped the trip reassured citizens that recycling is not now going to the Kate Valley. Transport for the Council organised field trip was funded by the Methven Community Board discretionary fund.


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