Changes to Ashburton District Plan


​Ashburton District residents will be invited to provide feedback to Council on proposed changes to the District Plan. Environmental Services Group Manager Jane Donaldson says the changes are not extensive.

“It is now two years since the District Plan was made operative and the proposed changes aim to correct minor problems that have been identified along the way.”

The District Plan regulates how the use of the District’s natural and physical resources will be managed in the future.

Changes to the Plan include the definition of retail and commercial activity, building density in rural zones, hut settlement rules, diesel storage rules in business zones, firefighter water supplies, acoustic treatment of dwellings adjacent to state highways, and the definition of rural activity and rural service activity.

The notification period will commence in September. Members of the public will be able to lodge submissions on the proposed changes.​

Page reviewed: 30 Sep 2016 8:58am