Changes coming for your yellow recycling bin


Mid Canterbury residents who receive the kerbside rubbish and recycling service are being urged to start checking the types of plastic that they are putting in their yellow recycling bin, ahead of new changes coming into effect from 1 August.

From the start of August, only plastic grades one, two and five will be allowed in the recycling bin, while grades three, four, six, seven and ​plastic with no grade at all will have to go in rubbish. 

All plastic bottles and container lids also go in the rubbish as they are too small to be recycled.

Clean paper, cardboard, aluminium tins and cans will still be allowed in the recycling bin.

The revised recyclable items are a result of changes in the global markets that process New Zealand's plastics.

​How do I know if the plastic is 1, 2 or 5?

Look for the little recycling triangle imprinted on the plastic. If the number inside is one, two or five, it goes in the recycling bin (without the lid). If there is no triangle, or the number inside isn't one, two or five, then it must go in rubbish.

Plastics that belong in the rubbish include soft plastics - the kind that can be easily scrunched in your hand. This includes plastic wrapping, cling wrap, chip packets, bread bags, fresh and frozen vegetable bags, pet food bags and cracker trays.

Further information about the changes  will be provided to residents in coming weeks.
Page reviewed: 03 Jul 2020 10:17am