Buskers Festival moved indoors to Ashburton College Hall


Due to the unseasonable weather that we have been experiencing, tomorrow's World Buskers Festival Roadshow in Ashburton will be moving their shows to the Ashburton College Hall.

The World Buskers Festival brings performers from around the world to share their talents for the public's entertainment.  Entry is free but the performers rely upon donations from the public as their form of payment and will be passing around their hats at the end of each performance. 

Families are encouraged to bring their children along as the Ashburton Road Show performers cater to audiences of all ages. 

Performance times for tomorrow (Tuesday 19 February) are: 

  • 12.00pm - Sharon Mahoney
  • 12.50pm - Hula Queen
  • 1.40pm - Biggest Little Circus 
  • 2.30pm - ADDJ
  • 6pm - 8pm - Buskers Comedy Club variety performance. 

For more information please visit the World Buskers Festival website 

Page reviewed: 19 Jan 2016 9:00am