Business recyclables welcome

15/02/2017 12:00 a.m.

Ashburton District Council is reminding local businesses of the kinds of materials that can be recycled at the District's resource recovery parks in a bid to encourage continued positive recycling trends.

 Cardboard, glass, plastics, paper, magazines and metals are all recyclable items for both households and commercial businesses alike, but Council Waste Recovery Manager Craig Goodwin says there has been some confusion from businesses about what materials go to waste or recycling.

 "We've had businesses arriving at the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park thinking large items like industrial soft plastic and untreated timber can't be recycled. This isn't the case at all. If you have big items like this, we encourage people to speak with the park staff as they will be able to direct you to another recycling area at the park. These materials will only go to waste if they are contaminated, and again, our staff can advise you," Mr Goodwin says.

 Recyclables from businesses go to a separate section from the usual area where household items are dropped off. This is to ensure everyone has enough room to responsibility dispose of their recyclables.

 Dropping recycling at the resource recovery parks is free of charge, and Mr Goodwin adds this could be a saving to businesses who might be unnecessarily putting recyclables into waste.

 More information on materials accepted at the resource recovery parks can be found at here.

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