Biodiversity in action

20/10/2014 12:00 a.m.

A rare native broom, Muehlenbeckia, and a skink were some of the native biodiversity spotted at Wakanui beach on Tuesday this week.

Members of the Ashburton District Biodiversity Working Group were visiting the site that day with Landscape Architect Ines Stager and Director of NZ Environmental Tricia Scott to better understand the area's flora and fauna.

One of the members of the Working Group, Ecologist Alice Shanks, says Wakanui Beach and wetlands area are wonderful, ever-changing examples of biodiversity.

"I was here earlier in the year and the site was completely different. Where it was utterly dry there is now a flowing waterway. It's amazing how the seasons change the landscape here," says Ms Shanks.

The Biodiversity Working Group are looking at developing a restoration plan for the site the as part of the implementation of the Ashburton District Biodiversity Action plan.

The plan was adopted in 2011 and outlines key objectives for the maintenance and restoration of Biodiversity in the Ashburton District.

Another of the Group's initiatives is the Ashburton District Council's Biodiversity Grants which is a contestable grant scheme for community biodiversity projects. Applications for the grants opened last Tuesday with applications being accepted until 11 November.

Click here for further information on the grants, including the application form


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