Biodiversity Grants Benefit District


Work is set to continue on two biodiversity initiatives thanks to support from the Ashburton District Council’s annual biodiversity grant scheme.

Forest and Bird have received around $3,500 to help with the preservation of Maori onion plants at Shepherds Bush Road and build stock fencing around these protected plants.

Forest and Bird have also received around $1,700 for their Maori Lakes Trapping Project. The funding will help to set up predator traps in the Hakatere Conservation Park, protecting birds, lizards and other wildlife that live in the lake environment.

Biodiversity Working Group Chairperson Alan Totty says he hopes more community groups will come forward with their applications and make use of the funding available.

"There are many community groups that do an exceptional job caring for our district’s biodiversity and these funds help make it possible for projects that people are passionate about happen," he says.

Council provides annual grants of up to $5,000 per project each year to help fund biodiversity initiatives that protect and enhance native plants in the Ashburton District.

The next Biodiversity Grants funding round will be held later in the year and further information will be available on the Ashburton District Council website.

Page reviewed: 25 Aug 2014 9:39am