Ashburton Museum to host 'Paper, Scissors, Rock!' exhibition

4/07/2016 1:00 p.m.

Expect plenty of fun and games these school holidays as the Ashburton Museum hosts 'Paper, Scissors, Rock!'.

Designed as a trail with something new at each station, the exhibition is open from Saturday 9 July to Monday 10 October 2016, coinciding with the start of school holidays this weekend.

"'Paper, Scissors, Rock!' will be a great way to keep kids busy during their time off school", Museum Director Tanya Robinson says. "The exhibit will take participants on a fun game through the museum, and the best bit is it's completely free."

The 'Paper, Scissors, Rock!' exhibition enables kids to play with vintage toys, crafts and games that their parents and grandparents also enjoyed. Puzzles, board games and talking-can telephones are just some of the many activities available in the exhibit, along with hands-on arts and crafts.

"Kids of all ages will find something to enjoy from this exhibition and we can't wait for it to open."

The Ashburton Museum is open daily from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday, and 1pm-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Page reviewed: 04 Jul 2016 1:34pm