Ashburton District Council set to start water restrictions

17/11/2015 8:00 a.m.

With warmer, drier conditions expected to continue for the next several months, the first of this summer's water restrictions are set to start around Ashburton District.

From this Saturday 21 November Ashburton District Council is advising residents that level one water restrictions (alternate hosing days) will apply to Chertsey, Fairton, Hakatere, Hinds, Mayfield, Methven, Mt Somers, and Rakaia. Hosing is not permitted at any time on the Dromore, Methven/Springfield and Montalto water supplies. These water conservation measures will be in place until further notice.

Council is encouraging residents to check its website for detailed information about activities that are permitted under the level one water restriction.

Residents are reminded that water restriction measures apply to any use of water from a hose connected to a Council water supply, including garden irrigation systems.

Council's Group Manager Service Delivery, Neil McCann, says 'water conservation measures are used to even out demand and enable residents to continue to enjoy reasonable use of water for gardening and non-essential purposes'.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to remind residents that - as announced in the media last month - we are relaxing water restrictions on the Ashburton scheme this summer.

"There won't be water restrictions in Ashburton this summer to allow the collection of accurate data on summer water usage and determine the effectiveness of SMART Watering, an Irrigation New Zealand education programme," he says.

Water restrictions in Ashburton would be restored, at Mr McCann's discretion if environmental, operational or emergency conditions required them.

"These conditions would include the town's water supply pressure dropping to low levels, a break down in the water supply system or demand nearing consented limits," says Mr McCann.

Those on private bores are not subject to the restrictions. You can register your private bore with Council, to obtain a "private well" sign to display when watering from your bore.

Council will continue to closely monitor the district's water demands and residents will be updated if there is a further change in water restrictions in the coming weeks.

Learn more about water restrictions and whether they apply in your area

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