Ashburton District Council is on Facebook


Ashburton District Council has joined the Facebook generation with its new page going live last Friday and is encouraging residents to visit and check out the latest news about what's happening at Council and the wider District.

Council's Community Relations Manager Gavin Thomas says Facebook is a quick and useful way to keep residents updated and to also gauge their thoughts on a raft of Council-related matters.

"With Facebook providing quick and easy two-way communication, we're very keen for people post and share information," says Mr Thomas.

"We are also looking forward to receiving people's ideas about what they would like to see on our Facebook page.

The page will have a wide range of posts with information on everything from what is currently being consulted on to reminders to the community and getting people involved online.  

A staggering 58% of New Zealanders are signed up with Facebook and it seems from anecdotal feedback that many Ashburton District residents are no different.   

"We have been hearing for some time that residents want to communicate with Council through Facebook and it's great that we now have everything in place to enable us to join the Facebook community."

"We certainly hope that people will regularly follow it and that they enjoy the less formal approach Facebook will provide us with.

You can start following Council's Facebook page



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