Ashburton District Council considers feedback from community consultation

26/05/2016 4:00 p.m.

Ashburton District Council has made few changes that will affect rates following Tuesday's hearings and deliberations on the draft Annual Plan, Waste Minimisation and Management Plan, and Open Spaces Strategy.

During the hearings, 18 people presented their submissions on the three consultation documents. The 115 written submissions have now been summarised and tabled for Council to consider.

As a result of the deliberations on the feedback received, Council has agreed to investigate using the land next to the EA Networks Centre for sports fields in the future, and is considering the request for break out rooms in Sports House for the current tenants.

Other decisions have yet to be formally adopted at the 30 June Council meeting, but these include looking at including white ware at the Methven recycling facilities and at the waste facilities for campervan waste in Mayfield.

 "These issues have been raised through our community consultation as being important to our residents and we are now taking these all into account as we decide on our final activities in the Annual Plan" said Mayor Angus McKay.

 "We thank the community for taking part in our consultation process and raising these issues to Council" he added.


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