Ashburton District Council calls on Hinds locals to help quash vandalism


Ashburton District Council is calling for Hinds residents to help quash the problem of vandalism following the recent destruction of numerous road signs in the Hinds area.

Council's Service Delivery Committee Chairman Stuart Wilson says the issue of vandalism is an ongoing one for the district and is bitterly disappointed by the number of incidents that have happened in the Hinds area recently.

"Without visible road signs, a seriously dangerous situation is created for all road users," says Councillor Wilson.

"This mindless behaviour is simply unacceptable and we need to work together as a community to help stamp it out.

"As I've said previously and want to emphasise again, come forward if you have witnessed something – your information could assist in prosecuting those responsible and prevent this destruction from continuing."

In the past couple of days two speed signs were deliberately knocked over (50/100km) on the Hinds Arundel Road near Gills Road. On Delamaine St chevrons, control signs and other road signs were demolished. These incidents come on the back of previous damage to give way signs in the Coldstream area last month.

A total of 20 road signs have been vandalised in Hinds so far this month, which is likely to cost ratepayers approximately $8,000.

In addition to this, the 50/100kms signs on Isleworth Road near the Hinds Cemetery that were knocked over three times recently have each cost ratepayers over $1,000 to repair.

Page reviewed: 27 Aug 2015 10:17am