Annual Residents’ Survey Results

26/05/2016 3:00 p.m.

Over 90 per cent of residents surveyed are satisfied with Ashburton District as a place to live, with 50 per cent of people saying the district is a better place to live than three years ago.

Council was presented with the 2016 Annual Residents' Survey results today by Research First, who conducted the survey on Council's behalf in March this year through telephone interviews of over 500 residents.

The survey also shows a high level of satisfaction by residents with the infrastructure service delivery, regulatory services, and public amenities provided by the Council.

Satisfaction levels of over 90 per cent were recorded for Parks and Open Spaces, including the Ashburton Domain, rural fire services, Civil Defence Emergency Management, the public library, and public conveniences. Three-quarters of residents surveyed said they were satisfied with Council's overall performance, the quality of the information provided by Council, and with the Mayor and Councillors.

The results show that Council is meeting two-thirds of the 39 performance targets measuring residents' satisfaction and that it is providing a steady level of service. The focus on unsealed roads throughout the district over the past year has resulted in a slight increase in satisfaction levels, with 58% of people surveyed saying they were happy with them.

Mayor Angus McKay says overall he is pleased with the results and says Council will continue to work to improve those few areas where measures have decreased. "Our Council staff have worked hard over this last year to reach performance targets and we will continue to make sure we are doing the very best we can," he said.

"The survey shows that there is we can improve in some areas but we are generally meeting or exceeding the community's expectations," Mr McKay added.

Information from the survey results will also assist Council in determining its work programme and budget priorities for the future.

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