'Stop' signs approved for intersections

1/06/2017 4:00 p.m.

Thursday 1 June 2017

Ashburton District Council has today voted to upgrade three intersections in the district from a ‘give way’ control to a ‘stop’ control, following reports that poor visibility at the intersections could be an unsafe hazard for drivers.  

Trees, hedges, power poles and parked cars have been identified as obstructing driver vision at the Oak Grove/Elizabeth Street, Seafield Road/Company Road and Winchmore Dromore Road/Mitcham Road intersections, and all will soon require drivers to stop before proceeding through the intersection.

Council Roading Manager Brian Fauth says poor visibility can play a role in drivers failing to give way, and these particular intersections all have inadequate sight lines.

“Council regularly reviews its roading network for safety. Currently, it can be difficult for drivers to see oncoming vehicles at these intersections. The introduction of ‘stop’ signs is intended to instruct drivers to stop at the appropriate location so that they have enough time and are in the right position to adequately see oncoming traffic.”

The Oak Grove/Elizabeth Street intersection has the highest number of recorded crashes at an intersection in the district, with 19 crashes reported since 2007. Failure to give way was the main cause of the crashes in all incidences. 

Seven crashes have occurred at the Seafield Road/Company Road intersection in the last 10 years, with four resulting from drivers failing to give way.

The intersection at Winchmore Dromore Road and Mitcham Road has not reported any crashes due to failure to give way, however Mr Fauth says the 100km/h speed limit on Mitcham Road would increase the severity of an accident, should one occur.

For more information about road safety at intersections, visit the Council website.

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