Current Road Works


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Road network operations and maintenance contract (C640)

This contract (held by Fulton Hogan Ltd) undertakes the routine, specific and emergency maintenance and operation of the district's network of  1613km sealed roads, 1156km unsealed urban and rural roads and 212km of footpaths.  Also included in the contract is structures maintenance (bridges etc), traffic facilities including signs and roadmarking and drainage maintenance.

A weekly update is provided below:

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C640 Road works underway or due to commence

14 June 2019

RoadType of Work
​Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road​​Installation of new safety signs around ARG intersections and dig outs in various locations
Hamptons Road​Maintenance metalling and basalt laying
​Kyle Road​Removing excess metal
​Hakatere Potts Road​Laying of basalt 
​Labmies, Kyle and Chertsey Kyle Roads​​Maintenance metalling
​​Various non-arterial roads Pothole repairs around district and Ashburton​​
​Various locations​Repairing and replacing of regulatory signs

Arundel Bridge abutment damage - November 2018

C640 Recently completed works

RoadType of Work
​Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road17 pavement failures repaired to date
​McLennans Bush Road​Removal of high shoulders and construction of swales
​255+ sites around district ​Potholes filled in all quadrants and around Ashburton in June 2019 to date

Roading projects underway 

Each year Council contracts out various roading projects including road rehabilitation, drainage improvements, footpath repairs, kerb and channel installation and reseal work.  

Periodically roadworks also occur in areas where water or sewer pipes are being repaired, replaced or installed under the road surface.

These projects are programmed each year.  View the 2018/2019 programmes and maps of work. 

Winslow Road reseal - February 2019

Road Project Status

As outlined above, each year Council undertakes various roading projects/programmes.

Listed below is the current status of the 2018/19 projects:

Road Name​Contract​​​Status​Treatment Type​​Length
Grahams Road​​C653 - ACL​Complete​Rehabilitation
Ashburton Staveley   ​C659 - HEB​​Complete​Rehabilitation​1.03km
Hoods Road​​C640 - Fulton Hogan​Complete​Rehailitation​0.49km
Maronan Road​​C653 - ACL​Complete​Rehabilitation​0.77km
Fairfield Road​​C640 - Fulton Hogan​Complete​Rehabilitation​0.50km
Fairfield Road West​​C640- Fulton Hogan​Complete​Rehabilitation​1.03km
Barford Road​​C659 - HEB​Complete​Rehabilitation​1.38km
Pudding Hill​​C659 - HEB​Complete​Rehabilitation​1.38km
​Seafield Road​CON00077 - Fulton Hogan​Ongoing​Rehabilitation​0.55km
Wilsons Road​CON00077 - Fulton Hogan​​​Ongoing ​Rehabilitation​1.21km
​Thompsons Track​CON00077 - Fulton Hogan​Complete​Rehabilitation​2.87km
​Thompsons Track​CON00077 - ACL​Complete​Rehabilitation​1.5km
​Isleworth Road​C640 - Fulton Hogan​2019​Rehabilitation​0.355km
​Poplar Road​CON00083 - ACL​25% complete​Seal Extension​5.15km
​Various locations​CON00081 - Rooney's Earthmoving​OngoingFootpath renewals​​7.1km
​Various locationsCON00081 - Rooney's EarthmovingOngoing​​Kerb & Channel renewals​2.5km
​Various locations​C657 - ACL​Complete​Resurfacing​63.9km
​Various locations​CON00090 - Fulton Hogan​To comence  in May​Intersection sealbacks​0.7km

Upcoming road closures

Many local organisations hold activities or events which require the temporary closure of sections of the district roads.  Occasionally construction projects being undertaken by local irrigation companies in various locations around the Ashburton District also require temporary road closures.

Below is a list of programmed road closures and detours:


Road to be closed​Detour route​Dates of closure
​​Chalmers Avenue from Victoria Street to Walnut Avenue - north bound traffic only (ACL - sewer renewal)​Detour route TBC​​From 26 March 2019 - 30 June 2019(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
​Willow Street from Suffolk Street to Dobson Street (GDC for EA Networks)No detour route - local restrictions only​​​Feom 30 May for approx 2 weeks bewteen 7am
​Burnett Street from East Street to approx #175 (around Somerset Grocer alleyway)(Bradford Building Ltd)​No detour route - local restrictions only
Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 June 2019 between the hours of 6am and 6pm
Burnett Street from East Street to approx #175 (around Somerset Grocer alleyway)(Bradford Building Ltd)No detour route - local restrictions onlyTuesday 25 June 2019  between the horus of 7am and 4pm​
​Barkers Road from Mackie Street intersection towards the pedestrian area (NZ Ski Ltd - Winter Soltisce Rail Jam)​No detour route.  Local restrictions only​​Saturday 29 June from 12 noon to 8am Sunday 30 June 2019
East Street from Moore Street to Havelock Street,  Burnett Street from East Street to 230 Burnett Street   Tancred Street from East Street to Cass Street (Boulevard Day)​No detour route. Local restrictions only.​Monday 23 September 2019 between the hours of 7am and 6pm      

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