Work back up and running on local infrastructure upgrades

Last weekend was our first public holiday since the coronavirus lockdowns that we’ve been able to move around and enjoy ourselves like many usually would in ordinary circumstances. For the first time in quite some time, many of us experienced another level of normalcy in our lives as we continue on our journey to eradicate COVID-19 and recover from the economic repercussions.

I hope that wherever and however you spent the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, whether at home, out on a high country tramp, by our beautiful lakes or visiting friends and family, that you had a relaxing and enjoyable time.
Getting to experience things we may ordinarily take for granted in normal times is such a refreshing relief from the months of necessary restrictions we have all adhered to. It has been wonderful to continue hearing the positive news from the Government each day over these last couple of weeks of zero new COVID-19 cases, and for me this truly signifies how well our sacrifices have begun to pay off.

We know that Mid Canterbury will not come out of this event completely unscathed. Although most businesses have been able to reopen and resume some level or trade, many have been hit hard and business is still not as usual.
Let’s ensure we are doing what we can to support our local businesses and choose to shop local wherever possible. Do we really need to leave the district for shopping, or can we source those products and services right here? That is the question we should all be asking ourselves.

Normalcy has also been returning for a number of local infrastructure projects too. Since we moved to Alert Level Three, the Ashburton River Crossing and Pump Station project has fired back up again, as has the Ashburton CBD Revitalisation and Rakaia Salmon Site upgrades.

The crew from Seipp Construction, who are installing a new wastewater pipe under the Ashburton River and building a new pump station at the end of Wilkins Road outside Tinwald are now more than halfway across the river.
Progress on the CBD revitalisation project is likewise making headway. TruLine Civil have completed the renewal work of the underground services on Cass Street, and if you’ve been in the area lately, you’ll have noticed some of the above-ground construction has also started.

It’s vital that we are able to continue providing these upgrades for the future benefit of our district, particularly as we look to recover, and encourage growth and confidence. Your Council is committed to doing what it can to help our district get through these tough times.​​

Page reviewed: 04 Jun 2020 8:00am