Shop local campaign really taking off

Two weeks ago, we launched a new campaign designed to help our local economy recover as lockdown restrictions ease.

I am so pleased to see that Mid Canterbury Open for Business now has more than 200 local businesses registered on the online directory and it continues to grow every day.

For residents needing to access products or services, the campaign is a great and simple way to find which businesses are or will be open and what they’re offering - all in one place: just visit

Many of us understand (especially at a time like this) the importance of shopping local and spending our money with local businesses wherever possible. They provide jobs, support community initiatives and contribute to our overall quality of life. Mid Canterbury Open for Business helps to drive home this message and encourage us all to be as supportive as possible of our own business community.

Mid Canterbury, understandably is far from the only place in New Zealand looking to rebuild after COVID-19. The economic impact of the lockdowns has had ramifications for regions all across the country, which is why it probably wasn’t too surprising that other places have seen the merit of Mid Canterbury Open for Business too.

Within days of launching the campaign, we started hearing from other councils who were interested in introducing it in their regions as well, which is a fantastic thing.

In my experience, councils are quite good at sharing knowledge and working together for the benefit of their own communities. It helps make us all more resilient and demonstrates our Kiwi values of helping each other out.

It therefore goes without saying that the Ashburton District Council is more than happy to share the Mid Canterbury Open for Business campaign with others around the country to help other communities overcome these economic challenges and get back on their feet as well.

The great thing about Open for Business is that it’s easily deployable to other districts so that they too can push the message of supporting local.​

There are quite a few businesses in our area back at work during Alert Level Three, while others are needing to wait for a lower level to safely open their doors. If you haven’t already, go ahead and see which of your favourite local restaurants, tradespeople or suppliers are operating at the moment or will be as we work to move down the alert levels. Just visit and search a business or category.​

Page reviewed: 07 May 2020 12:00am