Service Level Agreements

With the recent adoption of the Long Term Plan (LTP) 2018-28, the level of funding for all Ashburton District Council grants’ recipients has now been finalised.

At last week’s Finance and Business Support meeting, Council signed off on the four Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the largest grants, with Safer Ashburton District, Ashburton Art Gallery, Aoraki Environmental Consultancy, and the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. 

An SLA is an agreement between the Ashburton District Council and the service provider about what they will deliver for the funding provided and how they will measure their performance. Organisations that receive more than $100,000 of funding from the Council, or organisations that have entered into a new agreement with Council, require an SLA. It presents a clear direction for the organisation, provides clarity about what Council expects from them, and allows adjustments to be made in line with inflation and requests made through the LTP.

Safer Ashburton District received additional funding this year to lead the accreditation process for the district to become recognised as a Safe Community. The Ashburton Art Gallery received additional funding for staffing and Ashburton Trust Event Centre received adjustments for inflation. Council and Aoraki Environmental Consultancy are developing their working relationship but expect that this will transition into a formal contractual agreement within the next year.

With Council funding, these organisations are able to cover essential overhead costs and provide services that benefit people at all ages and stages of life. As with many organisations in Mid Canterbury, volunteers are an integral part of the success of these agencies. From helping usher patrons to their seats during events at Ashburton Trust Event Centre, to giving up their time to teach domestic and life skills to young families at Safer Ashburton District, volunteer efforts help keep our community ticking. Their contribution also helps to provide even further value for money for ratepayers in the district.

​I look forward to seeing the results of this year’s SLAs, how our community will benefit from them and the relationships strengthen with these organisations

Page reviewed: 16 Aug 2018 2:24pm