Residents Survey

​​​Every year the Council undertakes an Annual Residents Survey to check how our community thinks it has been performing and what improvements can be made for the coming year.

Results from the 2018 survey have just been released and I was delighted that 97 per cent of residents said the district is a great place to live. The Council works hard to deliver services, parks and open spaces, recreation and leisure facilities, and events that benefit the entire community. The introduction of the new kerbside collection service scored highly too, with 93 per cent of residents who receive it saying they are satisfied with it – up from 77 per cent last year.

It was also pleasing to see that 40 per cent of residents said the district had improved over the last three years. One of my goals when I took office as Mayor in October 2016 was to help make Ashburton an even better place to live, so it’s great to see that has become a reality for many.

The Council prides itself on ensuring its processes are as transparent as possible, particularly around issues that are important to the community. This is why we regularly ask for your feedback before making decisions, such as the recent Our Place survey and draft-Long Term Plan consultation. It’s great to know that 90 per cent of residents are satisfied with their ability to have their say and that 89 per cent are happy with the contact they have had with the Council.

Overall, 17 satisfaction measures were met or exceeded, based on the 500 residents surveyed. However, the Council is always striving to do better for its community and will certainly take into account the areas that were identified in the survey as needing more attention.

Our roads, for example, will remain a major focus. We will continue to work hard to provide safe, accessible and well-maintained roading infrastructure, and advocate for further funding to complete projects that are important for the future of the district. Tourism is also high on the agenda, following feedback received from residents in the survey.

​The real value of this survey is that it gives us a snapshot in time, so that we can confidently make decisions for the district, reflecting the thoughts and opinions of local residents.​

Page reviewed: 16 Aug 2018 10:32am