New project signs to keep you up to date

The Council regularly carries out work on our local infrastructure to keep our services operational and to improve them for residents. Very soon, you’ll have an easier way to learn exactly what that work is and when it will be completed, courtesy of our new project signage.

Each year, millions of dollars are invested into our services and facilities – whether it’s rehabilitation works on our roads, renewing our wastewater systems, upgrading our drinking water infrastructure, implementing rubbish and recycling improvements, upgrading and expanding local cemeteries, or replacing and installing new public toilet facilities and other conveniences.

Given that a large bulk of this work is funded by ratepayers, we want to improve residents’ understanding of where their rates money is being spent.

That’s why we are introducing this new initiative: we want to show the community what rates money is paying for and why it is being spent on these projects. 

The new signs will include the name of the project, a brief description, the expected completion date and the cost of the project. They’ll be installed next to these works, so that when you’re out and about and see something happening on the street, you’ll be able stop by and learn what’s being done.

Image: Council's Projects and Operations Manager with a template of the signage.

There are a number of ways in which we already try and keep the community informed about works around the district.

Firstly, the Council sets out what projects it intends to complete and their associated budgets in our Long-Term Plans and Annual Plans, and these projects are then reported on in the Annual Reports. All of these documents are freely available on our website and in hardcopy at the Council office.

Additionally, the bulk of our Council and Committee meetings are open to the public, and this year, we began livestreaming these meetings onto our Facebook page and YouTube channel so that more people have access to those meetings.

Like all of these existing ways, the new project signs are intended to inform and provide more access and engagement with the community.

We are proud to be introducing new ways of keeping our community up-to-date and in the loop with what is happening in their district. Keep an eye out for the new project signs in coming weeks.​​​

Page reviewed: 19 Jun 2019 3:59pm