Local infrastructure crucial to district

​​​Last week, the Council announced a major upgrade to Ashburton's wastewater infrastructure will soon begin. The $7 million Ashburton River Crossing and Pump Station project will see a new, larger wastewater pipe installed under the Ashburton River from Milton Road South and connected to a pump station that will be built next the wastewater treatment plant in Tinwald.

This significant piece of work will take 14 months to complete, starting on 4 November 2019 and finishing in December 2020. Like the timeframe suggests, this project is no small feat, and the location of the work will affect parts of the Ashburton/Hakatere and Ashburton-Lake Hood River Trails.

The purpose of this necessary project is to future-proof the infrastructure for Ashburton's continued population growth. It's crucial to residents both now and into the future.

Water services (which also include drinking water and surface water) are some of the many local assets that sustain our way of life and add to the livability of our district. A great deal of forward-thinking goes into making sure these services continue to meet residents' needs.

Roads, waste recovery and recovery infrastructure are other key provisions the Council delivers.
Each year, when the Council sits down to decide on the projects that will be funded in the district as part of the Annual Plan, local infrastructure is one of our major considerations.

For example, this year our three infrastructure priorities are completing a detailed business case for Ashburton's second urban bridge; budgeting for upgrades to a number of district water supplies; and – of course, the Ashburton River Crossing and Pump Station project.

The delivery of these items can have far-reaching consequences for our people, places, economy and environment, so they are at the fore-front of our minds, as our business-as-usual programmes continue.

Seipp Construction will be carrying out the Ashburton River Crossing and Pump Station project on the Council's behalf next month. They will install the new pipeline from the end of Milton Road South (Ashburton side of the River), across towards the wastewater treatment plant between Boundary Road and Grove Farm Road.
I encourage you to learn more about how this project will take shape and how it may affect you – particularly in regards to the Ashburton/Hakatere and Ashburton-Lake Hood River Trails. All of this information is readily available on our website ashburtondc.govt.nz/projects.

You can also stay up-to-date as this extensive project is rolled out by signing up to our free e-newsletter. Just visit ashburtondc.govt.nz/stayinformed and tick 'infrastructure' as a topic you're interested in hearing about.
Page reviewed: 22 Oct 2019 4:35pm