Investing in our roading network a top priority

Roading has always been a big focus for the Ashburton District Council, and that’s not surprising, considering that we have the fourth largest roading network in the country!

Keeping our district moving is a big and often challenging job: At more than 2600 kilometres, our roading network is far longer than the entire length of New Zealand, and since 2005 our population has grown by more than 22 per cent.
So what does that mean for our roads? It means working hard to invest as much as we can into maintaining and improving our network.

In the last few years, for example, we’ve topped up our roading budget with surplus funds to the tune of between $750,000 and $1 million each year. All of this additional work has been unsubsidised.

In our latest Long Term Plan 2018-28, we approached NZ Transport Agency to approve a subsidised work programme of $14 million – an additional $3 million than we’d secured in the previous three years.

It’s all about maintaining our current levels of service and making sure that the quality of our roads doesn’t deteriorate.

Looking after our network also helps to keep people safe on our roads, so in addition to improvements, we also make sure to review road safety, such as speed limits, signage and shelter belts shading roads. We also support road safety messages to influence driver behaviour.

The past four weeks on New Zealand’s roads have been nothing short of devastating, with a horrific number of people killed. Efforts to ensure roads are as safe as they can be are therefore as crucial as ever, and capital projects underway in our district are helping to see that happen.

A final 5.15 kilometre section of Poplar Road outside Hinds is being upgraded from shingle to seal so that drivers will no longer have to travel between the two different surfaces. This $1 million project, which also includes widening of the road, is set to finish up in June.

Thompsons Track continues to see rehabilitation work each year, Maronan Bridge is currently being repaired, footpath repairs have been happening around Methven and Chertsey Kyle Road is receiving seal widening, soak hole maintenance and swale work – just to name a few.

You can find a more comprehensive list of works happening and completed in our district on the Council website​. I’d also encourage you to please contact the Council if you come across issues on our roads that needs addressing. The Council always appreciates your assistance in identifying areas that need to be seen to. Simply call 03 307 7700, email or use the free Snap, Send, Solve app​ to report it. 

Page reviewed: 01 May 2019 11:24am