Investing in our district's future

Sitting around the Council table is an immense privilege and one that brings a great deal of responsibility – not only for our district as it is now but also for generations to come. The Ashburton District is very fortunate to have a number of crucial projects underway that will help set us up for the future and I'm honored to be a part of the decision-making team that helps brings those projects to life.

I don't need to explain how important road safety is to our community, and our Speed Limit Review - which closed for consultation on Sunday (8 March) has been an opportunity to make positive outcomes for our people.

More than 150 people and organisations have had their say on proposed changes to our road speeds which is really pleasing to see. The Council is now processing these submissions and will hold a hearing on April 2 for those who wanted to speak to their submission, before a final decision on our speeds is made on 21 May.

The future of the commercial heart of our district is also developing before our eyes, with Cass Street undergoing the first leg of upgrades as part of the CBD Streetscape Revitalisation project. Until now, progress has largely remained underground with new drinking water, storm and sewer pipes, but this week will see the first of above ground upgrades getting underway.

Across the way in Baring Square East, the new Ashburton Library & Civic Centre is also offering exciting and much-needed upgrades for our district. A modern library with room for performance areas, a children's discovery centre and recording studio, as well as Importance Level 4 construction standards to house our local Civil Defence Emergency Operations Centre, and environmentally sustainable design features are all included in the new build.

Draft development plans for the Ashburton Domain are now also out for consultation, and it was great to see lots of people popping over to speak to staff and Councillors at the Open Day in the Domain on the weekend. This 30 year plan really is all about the future and ensuring we're making enhancements that will support our community down the track. Remember to have your say on the draft proposals by 5 April.

Of course, not all of our projects are confined to Ashburton: the Rakaia Salmon Site upgrades are coming along, with work on the toilets starting this month. This project will be a big upgrade for this important facility, especially given it's prominence for tourists as they enter into our district across the Rakaia bridge.

There are so many key projects taking our district forward and ensuring we can continue to meet future demands. See the full details of these projects on the Council website​
Page reviewed: 12 Mar 2020 8:00am