Demolition well underway for new Library and Civic build

In the previous week, residents will have noticed significant work happening in Ashburton as part of the new Ashburton Library and Civic Centre project.

Demolition has begun on the former County Council building, along with the neighbouring Methodist Church Hall and Paul May Motors building where the new facility will be located on Baring Square East.

Work began on 15 July to remove internal fixtures and disconnect services. From 26 July, excavators began hard demolition of the former County Council building, and the two remaining buildings are scheduled to be demolished this month.

It is an exciting time for our district, with the new development set to bring a fresh outlook for Baring Square East and improved opportunities and services for residents.

The development of a brand new public library and civic centre for any community is a rare opportunity. Not every generation or district has the chance to help decide what features a facility of this importance should include (as was done during our consultation process) or see it become reality.

We understand that this project is a significant development for our community, which is why we want to ensure it is properly captured.

To help document the project, the Council will be using a time lapse camera. These cameras are specially designed to take photos throughout a prolonged period of time – usually over the course of a few hours or up to months at a time to document changes, such as major construction projects.

We’ve already begun capturing footage of the Baring Square East site as the buildings are demolished. When construction starts, the camera will document how the facility is built from the ground up.
Once completed, the footage will show a sped-up version of how the development has taken shape over many months.

It’s a great way to capture how the project develops, and as we will be sharing the video with the community, it will allow residents to see the development from start to finish.

The demolition stage of the project is scheduled to finish at the end of September, and detailed design for the Library and Civic Centre will begin taking shape over the coming months.

No matter if you frequent central Ashburton on a daily basis, or only come to town every now and then, you won’t miss a thing with the Library and Civic Centre development thanks to our time lapse camera.​

Page reviewed: 30 Jul 2019 1:13pm