Council Owned Properties

When you think ‘council’, some of the services that might immediately jump to mind are water, rubbish or roads. These are some of our core services we provide in the community, but there is actually a whole host of other responsibilities and tasks that the Council also looks after.

One such task that many people might not ordinarily consider, is Council-owned properties. The Council owns and manages over 1,500 properties across the district for strategic, social and investment purposes. This includes Elderly Persons Housing, industrial and commercial properties and the management of Crown reserve land. It’s a big job, and the Council’s Commercial team work very hard keeping these properties and any related activities ticking along.

Each property is managed according to the reasons for why it is held, with leases, easements, licenses to occupy, reviews and sales all carefully considered on a case by case basis.

A recent Council matter garnering community interest of late has been around the Order of St Johns plans to extend their Tancred Street headquarters and how they can guarantee legal right of way to the rear of that property through a Council-owned property on Burnett Street. We are fully supportive of the work St John does in our community, and are working with this invaluable service provider to see that their plans can move forward.

For many years, St John has had an informal right of way through the Burnett Street property, but their plans dictate that they would need guaranteed certainty moving forward. This is why the Council is trying to find the best solution possible for this request. We were working through the option of selling the land to St John. We’ve recently confirmed that the property is in fact reserve land, and therefore disposing of this land is not as straight forward as a regular property sale. There are rules dictated by Government legislation and it’s therefore important that we go about this task in the right way.

There is a report coming to the Council’s Finance and Business Support Committee meeting tomorrow (Thursday 29 November) where Council will be discussing this matter further, especially in regard to the newly discovered information that the status of the land is reserve.

You can see our agendas for all of our meetings on the Council website, and I also encourage all residents to consider attending these meetings to see our local decision-making processes in action.

Page reviewed: 29 Nov 2018 4:35pm