Consultation closing soon for Ashburton Library and Civic Centre

The opportunity to have your say on the Ashburton Library and Civic Centre consultation ends this week, and if you are yet to provide your feedback, I encourage you to please do so by Sunday afternoon (5pm, 14 April).

Consultation is your opportunity to make sure your voice is heard and to have your opinions considered around the Council table before any decisions are made.

As a facility that will serve our district for generations to come, this is a project that we want to get right. It’s important that the Council hears from as many people as possible and is able to consider a range of diverse insights into what the community values.

To date, we have received a variety of feedback on the proposals, and at the time of writing this, the majority of support appears to be for the $53 million Library and Civic Centre. This option is a larger Library than the Council’s preferred $45 million option, with room for a performance and event space, (complete with tiered seating), larger meeting rooms, and enhanced energy and cost-efficiency features.

Some submissions support the preferred option, while others have requested that the facility be a mix of two or three of the options.

What is clear from this feedback so far, is that not everyone has the exact same view on the future of our Library and Civic Centre, and that is the beauty of consultation.

Different voices help to ensure that a range of issues and outcomes are explored and evaluated before reaching a decision.

Once consultation ends, Council will hold hearings where people who wish to speak to their submission will be able to come and talk to Councillors. This is a chance to reinforce what you included in your submission, to clarify your points and for Councillors to ask you questions. The hearings are expected to be held on 30 April and 2 May, if required.

Council will then deliberate on the feedback before making a final decision on the project.

Opportunities to be included in the development of a new public facility of this magnitude do not come around very often.

Please take this opportunity to make a difference. After all, the Ashburton Library and Civic Centre will be here to serve you, your children and their children. It will be part of the quality of life the district offers its community for many years to come. 

You’ll find the Ashburton Library and Civic Centre consultation document on the Council website​ and at the Council office, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton. Take a look and tell us which of the four options you think is the right fit for our community. Submissions close at 5pm, Sunday 14 April.​

Page reviewed: 18 Apr 2019 4:19pm