Ashburton Library and Civic Centre project progressing on track

Ashburton's new Library and Civic Centre is one of our district's most important infrastructure projects to be completed over the next two years, and I'm pleased to report that progress is tracking along on schedule.

Visibly, the project might look to have slowed down after the site of the former County Council building and surrounding buildings was cleared last year, and although residents might not be seeing much action on site, a lot of work has been happening on desktop.

We are now in the developed design stage of the project, which involves crafting the plans and solutions that will support the kind of building that was signed off in the concept design stage.

These developed designs are all about how we make each component of the concept designs happen. This means coming up with plans and solutions that will support a three story building, constructed using timber and incorporating a number of other environmentally sustain​able and architectural features, such as the Pioneer Hall heritage building and an artesian well cooling and heating system.

The Council approved the concept designs in August last year following a consultation process with the community about the size and budget of the facility.

Shortly after, the buildings on the site of the new build were demolished, and our focus is now on turning those concept designs into plans that will make the new facility a reality. We're currently on track for those designs to be completed in April.

Once they are finished, the detailed designs will be drawn up and the tender for construction work will then go out, ready for construction to begin in December.

In the meantime, the site on the corner of Havelock Street and Baring Square East is being used to store equipment for the Ashburton CBD redevelopment, but this will be shifted once more physical work needs to start on the Library and Civic Centre.

The timeline for the Library and Civic Centre was developed at the very start of the project, and this is guiding our progress as we move from one milestone to the next. With everything going to plan, the Ashburton District should expect to have its new Library and Civic Centre by the end of 2022.

We'll continue to provide you with ongoing updates, especially around these key dates.
Page reviewed: 04 Mar 2020 9:17am