Apply now for Council grants and funding

Each year, the Council distributes hundreds of thousands of dollars in our district to support a range of community projects that benefit our people, and right now is the time to apply for this funding.

Our community grants are now open for applications until the end of February, and if your community group has a project that need funds, I encourage you to make an application.

There are grants to cover a variety of projects, including Biodiversity, Community Library, Community Agency and Projects, Community Events, Community Infrastructure, Heritage, School Holiday Programme and Sport Development.

Once applications are received, the Council will assess these and will let you know by July if your application was successful or not. This means that all upcoming projects and events need to occur between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021 to be eligible.

We've supported a range of great initiatives in the community in previous years: from the Ashburton Wheels Week, Salmon Run and school holiday healthy cooking classes, to arts and craft projects, a new intermediate bike track at the Mt Hutt Bike Park, an outdoor barbeque area, and special plaques to educate the community about important historic buildings.

The purpose of the grants is to help locals deliver projects and programmes that benefit our community, and it's always amazing to see the difference a new activity, event, resource or upgrade can do to make our district an even better place to live.

A by-product of the grants and funding process is seeing just how many people and groups care about our community. They're often volunteers putting in the hours on their weekends and after work, and they do what they do because they are passionate about our district and our people.

Continue your great work in the community and get your upcoming project or programme off the ground by applying for the Council's grants and funding.

Criteria for each grant as well as the application forms are available on the Council website. Just visit​

Applications close at 5pm, Friday 28 February, so don’t leave it too late.​
Page reviewed: 05 Feb 2020 9:00am