Upcoming Meetings

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Council Meetings ​​​

Meetings will be held in the Council Chamber at 137 Havelock Street (adjacent to the Council offices), unless otherwise shown.​

​Methven Community Board Meeting
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​Mt Hutt Hall Boardroom​Monday 20 January​10.30am

​Committee Meetings:
Community Services
Environmental Services
Infrastructure Services
​​Council Chamber
Thursday 30 January

 from 11.00am 


​Committee Meetings:
Bylaw & Policy
Audit, Risk & Finance

​Council Chamber
​Thursday 4 February


​Reserve Boards and Memorial Halls

​Seafield Reserve Board (triennial meeting)
​Seafield Hall

​Tuesday 28 January 


​Dorie Reserve Board (triennial meeting)
​Dorie Hall

​Wednesday 29 January 


​Hinds Reserve Board (triennial meeting)
​Southern Rugby Clubrooms

​Monday 3 February



​Tinwald Memorial Hall (triennial meeting)
​Tinwald Memorial Hall

​Monday 3 February


​Mt So​mers Reserve Board​Mt Somers Hall​Monday 3 February7.30pm

​Rakaia Memorial Hall (triennial meeting)
​Rakaia Community Centre

​Wednesday 5 February


Methven Reserve Board​Methven United Clubrooms​Thursday 20 February​7.30pm
​Ruapuna Reserve Board (triennial meeting)​
​Ruapuna Pool/reserve

​Saturday 22 February



Greenstreet/Ashburton Forks Reserve Board (triennial meeting)
Greenstreet Hall


​Thursday 12 March




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