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​Walking and Cycling Strategy

We are refreshing our Walking and​ Cycling Strategy to reflect the work that has been undertaken since the 2008 version.

Walking and cycling are activities enjoyed by many in our district. The benefits are vast, from the health benefits of increased exercise, through to creating more lively and connected communities. The draft strategy provides a framework for making walking and cycling (for transport and recreation) safer and more attractive, with the aim of increasing the number of people using the walking and cycling network. In the context of this draft strategy, walking includes the use of mobility aids and devices such as scooters and skateboards.

We now want to hear from the community about if we have the priorities of the draft strategy right.

Walking and Cycling Consultation document

Walking and Cycling Strategy document

We accepted feedback on the proposals in November 2020 

Feedback closed Monday 30 November.

See here​ for submissions received.

Long Term Plan 2021-2031

Next year we will be writing our Long Term Plan, which sets out what we will be focussing on across our district for the next ten years. To help us get on the right track, we conducted a survey across August and September 2020 to find out what is most important to residents.

Head over to It’s Our Place for further information and learn how we are progressing with the plan for the our district.​

Baring Square East Project

Our plans for the new library and civic centre are well progressed, with the preparation for calling tenders commencing in September 2020. To complement this facility, Council plans to rejuvenate Baring Square East.

We have been working with Athfield Architecture to develop a concept plan for what this rejuvenation could look like.

​These are the key changes
  • Development of Baring Square East as a one-way slow street (30 km/hour) with pedestrian-friendly access and some short-term parking for visitors 
  • Creating a ‘civic plaza’ linkage between Baring Square East and the entrance to the Ashburton Library and Civic Centre
  • Replacing the existing mix of different types of paving with basalt paving to enhance the look of the area 
  • Raising the water feature stepping slabs so they are the same level as the surrounding paving
  • Upgrading the existing timber seats to blend in with the Library and Civic Centre
  • Simplifying the planting in Baring Square.​

We accepted feedback on the proposals in August and September 2020. Feedback closed Wednesday 16 September.
See here for submissions received.

Draft Rates Remission Policy

Council is looking to amend its Rates Remission Policy for 2020/21. The policy currently allows ratepayers to receive a rate penalty write off once in a 24 month period.

Given the current economic uncertainty from the impact of COVID-19, Council is proposing to waive the "once in 24 months" rule for the 2020/21 financial year. This means that ratepayers will be able to apply to the Council to have a rate penalty waived even if the Council has already waived a penalty for them in the past 24 months.

This consultation is only on  the rates penalty remissions. Submission on other aspects of the policy will be considered as part of the next full review of the Policy. ​​

The consultation is closed.

We encourage you to have a look at the following supporting information: ​
Consultation document - Rates Remission Policy​​
Draft Rates Remission Policy

Draft Revenue & Financing Policy​

We are reviewing its Revenue & Financing Policy and are proposing some changes. This policy sets out how we as a Council charge for the services we provide. The key issues we are consulting on include how we fund:
  • Elderly Persons Housing
  • Stockwater Management, and
  • Wastewater 
We are also looking at some rating boundary changes, the most notable being extensions for our Solid Waste collection service.
We want to know what you think about our proposed policy – this is your chance to have your say in how we charge rates in the district. The consultation is closed.

Watch ​the online Stockwater Rate Q&A here..

Draft Development and Financial Contributions 

Ashburton continues to be a growing district with our forecast to grow to 43,449 by 2048. Council must make sure that essential assets and services can cope with growing demand. At the same time, fairly allocating the costs of growth between existing users and new developments. The development and financial contributions policy is the tool available to Council to achieve fair shares in the allocation of capital expenditure for growth.
The latest review proposes:
  • Increases in development contributions that reflect the level of current and future expenditure on assets for growth
  • Changes to rules on capacity credits to give property owners more time to redevelop vacant or earthquake-prone or buildings without losing credits from previous use.
  • Changes to the trigger for requiring a DC so that the Policy is consistent with Council’s practice around network extensions.
We want to know if you agree with our proposed Policy – this is your chance to have your say.
The consultation is closed.

Hearings for those who wish to speak to their submission will be held on Tuesday 18 August 2020.
Phase one report

​Draft Ashburton Domain Development Plan

The Ashburton Domain is an important and much-loved space for both residents and visitors to our area. This is why we have developed a plan for the Ashburton Domain for the next 30 years.​

To develop our plan, we consulted with the community, receiving feedback on our draft version from 28 February to 5 July 2020. 164 written submission were received. On 10 August 2020 we held hearings, with 23 submitters appearing in person.

For details of the draft plan that we ​consulted with the community on, see the documents below:

Our draft plan covers what improvements we think should happen over the next 30 years, with the aim to:
•         celebrate the waterway,
•         create a cohesive play environment,
•         increase access from the town, and
•         establish a Central Hub at the heart of the Domain.

On Friday 28 February we opened consultation on our proposed plan. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consultation was extended, closing Sunday 5 July.

Hearings for those who wish to speak to their submission will be held on Monday 10 August 2020.

We received 164 submissions, with 40 submitters requesting to speak to Council at the hearing. 
See here for the submissions received.​

For details of the plan, see the documents below:

We also developed a video for the consultation which explains some key projects of the draft plan.

Councillors will discuss the feedback received through the consultation on Tuesday 11 August. A report will then go to the Community Services committee held on 27 August 2020, with Council making a final decision on the plan at their meeting held 24 September 2020. Following this, anyone who submitted and provided contact details will receive a letter explaining the decisions made by Council.​

​District speed limit review​

At the 19 December 2019 Council meeting, the decision was made to consult on a range of changes to the speed limits across our district. Consultation was undertaken from 24 January to 8 March 2020, with an open day held on 17 February 2020. 204 submissions were received. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hearings and deliberations were delayed until 22 June 2020, where 14 submitters presented in person at the hearing.

Following consideration of all of the feedback, a number of changes were made to the original proposal, with the final speed limits adopted 13 August 2020.

Adopted speed limits
Ashton Beach Enhancement Project
This project is to enhance Council’s land at Ashton Beach. We developed two options for works to occur at the site.

Option 1
Fence the entire donga area and replace the existing boundary fence to protect the important biodiversity on Council land within the area.

Option 2
Fence the riskiest part of the donga area and replace the existing boundary fence to protect the important biodiversity on Council land within the area.

To view the full details along with a map of the proposed fences, view the consultation flyer here​​.

Feedback closed 7 February 2020, and we are now considering this feedback.​

Rakaia Salmon Site Enhancement Project​

The Rakaia Salmon Site on State Highway 1 is used by local residents and has become a busy place to stop for visitors passing through the district. The Site needs to be enhanced to cope with increasing demand, high usage of toilets, and to improve the visual appearance through additional landscaping. This project aims to work with the community to improve the usability and appearance of the Site.

We are proposing the following enhancements to the site:

Key feature


New toilets


Replacing the existing toilets with a new ten-pan toilet block that provides wheelchair access, an external row of hand basins, a drinking fountain, and associated entrance paths with bollards

Solar powered rubbish bins

Installing an additional bin with internal compactors

Concrete paths

New hardstand centralised area that includes concrete paths of varying widths inlaid with wooden sleepers to provide year round dry underfoot access

Additional seating

Including picnic tables

Signage detailing Rakaia’s history

Installation of a series of interpretative signage detailing the history of Rakaia to provide a short loop walk around the site

Playground equipment

Additional playground equipment and the centralisation of existing equipment within the site


Soft landscaping to include native garden area to provide shelter, improve aesthetics and control foot traffic

Dump Station

We have heard concern expressed with the current dump station and plan on relocating this out of the Salmon Site to an alternative location in Rakaia

We know there are concerns amongst Rakaia residents that ratepayers are picking up the bill for toilets used mainly by tourists. This is the reason we have applied for funding from the Government. We have received nearly $740,000 towards this project from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund for the replacement of the toilets and some of the landscaping. The Rakaia Lions are generously contributing $20,000 towards this project and with Council have engaged a landscape architect to prepare a landscape plan. The remaining $198,000 will be funded from existing Council budgets that had been ring-fenced for upgrades in Rakaia’s open spaces.​

View the site plan here. 
Proposed Rakaia Salmon Site Concept Plan
View the consultation flyer here. ​
Rakaia Site Enhancement Project
We are accepting feedback until 5pm, 4 October 2019​ - CLOSED

You can view the feedback here​. 

Proposed Ashburton Library and Civic Centre 

A new, modern Civic Centre is coming soon for Ashburton District residents that will serve our dynamic and growing district for the next 50 years.​​

It is one of the biggest projects to happen in our district, and will be here for many years to come. We need your help to get this project right, and future-proof this important community asset. Help us decide what kind of public library Ashburton District residents will need as part of this significant project.

What is this about?

Ashburton District Council has been working towards a new Ashburton Library and Civic Centre for our community for a number of years. The current buildings are no longer fit for purpose and are considered to be an earthquake risk. Left in its current state, the Library will close its doors in 2022. We have discovered that the money needed to build a joint Ashburton Library and Civic Centre (which was budgeted in the Long Term Plan 2018-28 as $22 million) is not enough to build the new facility. Costs of construction have risen significantly since that figure was estimated in 2016, earthquake building standards have increased, and the available information at the time did not adequately account for the space that will be needed in the building.

More money is needed to build the Ashburton Library and Civic Centre. Four library options were available to choose from, each with their own features and cost. Included in these options is one that is vastly different from what was agreed on in the Long Term Plan 2018-28: two separate buildings for the Library and Civic Centre instead of a combined one.

NOTE: Image is an artist impression and the actual build may vary. The options presented are for the building only.​​

Proposed Climate Change P​olicy 

Ashburton District Council proposed to adopt a new policy to guide its approach to climate change issues affecting our District. 

View the submissions received​.​

Proposed Surface Water Strategy 2018

Council prepared a draft Surface Water Strate​gy​ to detail how we will work with our community and other organisations to make our vision to sustainably manage our surface water resources a reality.

The strategy:

  • Defines "surface water" as lakes, rivers, springs, wetlands, rainfall and Council's water race network;
  • Provides information on the surface water systems Council manages and current work Council undertakes;
  • Identifies key issues around surface water management for consideration;
  • Sets out how Council will work with the community and stakeholders; and
  • Identifies activities Council will do over the next 10 years.

Draft Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 

Solid waste collection and disposal is a core service Councils provide to their communities. Under the Local Government Act 2002, Councils have the authority to make bylaws to protect the public from nuisance and to protect, promote and maintain public health and safety. Council's old Solid Waste Bylaw was last adopted in 2012 and became  out of date in 2018.

The bylaw enables Council to achieve its Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) goals, reduce the environmental harm of waste and ensure the health and safety of waste collectors, operators and the public is protected.

In general, the proposed Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw supports

  • Implementation of Council's Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2016;
  • Regulation of collection, transport and processing of waste;
  • A registration system for waste collectors and operators;
  • Protection of health and safety of waste collectors, waste operators and the public; and
  • Management of litter and nuisance in public places.

Ashburton CBD Revitalisation Proje​ct

Council welcomed feedback from the community on our plans to help revitalise the Ashburton Central Business District (CBD). ​Through this project, we are seeking to reinforce the importance of the CBD, reclaim retail spend for our district, ​and attract businesses back to the commercial centre. 

Click here to view the Ashburton CBD Streetscape Renewal Issues and Options Report​

​Learn more about the Ashburton CBD Revitalisation Project​​​​​​

Representation Review 2018

We review​ed the current democratic representation arrangements in Ashburton District. As part of our pre-consultation review, we ran a survey to help our Council develop an initial proposal. 

About the Review

Representation Reviews are used to look at the best way to represent our district. This means looking at the number of councillors, the areas they represent, and the specific communities within the district.

Under the Local Electoral Act 2001, all councils have to review their representation arrangements at least once every six years. This is called the 'Representation Review'.

We last reviewed our representation arrangements in 2012, so it is now time for us to review our arrangements again before the 2019 election.

Prior to undertaking the representation review, we needed to undertake two related processes, which we did in 2017:

  • review the electoral system to be used; and
  • consider whether to establish a Māori Ward for Ashburton District.​

More information can be found by visiting the Local Government Commission’s website​.

Timetable ​

The timetable for the review is set by the Local Government Commission.  ​

Decision on Electoral System (FPP or STV) By 12 September 2017
Decision on whether to establish Maori Wards By 23 November 2017
 "Initial" proposal made

 No earlier than 1 March 2018 or by 31 August 2018 if establishing Maori wards

Submissions close

 Not less than one month after public notice. If no submissions, proposal becomes "final"

If submissions – consider and may amend proposal. "Final" proposal publicly notified

 Within 6 weeks of closing date for   submissions

Appeals and objections close

 Not less than one month after date of public notice. Not later than 20 December 2018

If no appeals or objections, proposal becomes "final"

 Public notice given where no appeals and/or objections – no fixed date

If appeals/objections – forward everything to Local Government Commission (LGC )

 As soon as practical, but no later than 15 January 2019.

Draft Long-Term Plan 2018-28​​​​​

Our Place is Ashburton District, the place we call home. We are proud to live, work and play in this awesome part of New Zealand.

We’re in the process of developing our next Long-Term Plan which sets out the vision for Our Place over the next ten years. We’ve developed a draft plan for the next ten years, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, but now we need your help to make sure we are on the right track. We need you to let us know if we have it right or what you think needs changing. It is Our Place and Our Future, so let’s design it together. ​

For this LTP asked for your feedback on five big projects:
  1. Our Roading Network
  2. Our Transportation Upgrades – Second Urban Bridge
  3. Our Water – Future Planning
  4. Our Recreation – EA Networks Centre Development
  5. Our Economy – Economic Development Strategy.

Read the full draft Long-Term Plan​​​​

​Community Meetings 

Community meetings were held in the following hot spots around the district:​


Tuesday 17 April


Community Meeting Room, Council Chambers, 2 Baring Square East, Ashburton
6.30 – 8.30pm

Wednesday 18 April



Mt Hutt Memorial Hall Meeting Room, 160 Main Street, Methven
6.30 – 8.30pm

Monday 23 April


Hakatere Hall
6.30 – 8.30pm

Monday 30 April


Mayfield Memorial Hall, 
State Highway 72
6.30 – 8.30pm

Tuesday 1 May


Hinds Community Hall, 20 Rogers Street, Hinds
6.30 – 8.30pm

Wednesday 2 May


Rakaia Rugby Club,1 Elizabeth Ave, Rakaia
6.30 – 8.30pm

Wednesday 9 May


Community Meeting Room, Council Chambers, 2 Baring Square East, Ashburton
12.00 – 2.00pm ​​

​If you have any questions about the Draft Long-Term Plan, get in touch with us on (03) 307 7700 or email

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