Ashburton Glow in the Park

About the event

EA Networks are partnering with Ashburton District Council to celebrate 100 years of serving the community by staging a three-day lighting spectacle in the Ashburton Domain.
Glow in the Park will be held from the 8th to the 10th of April 2022 and will feature 13 artistic & interactive light installations, including a thunder tree, water reflections, glow football, mirror balls, and an archway of trusses designed to mimic the flow of electricity.
The show will start at 6 pm on Friday 8 April 2022 with a display of fireworks and an official "switching on" of the light installations in the Ashburton Domain.
Come on down to follow the trail of light features beginning at the central domain carpark, past the pond, and along the long lawn, looping back to the central carpark. Grab a bite at the night market with a variety of food vendors.
Information panels will also tell EA Networks’ story, from its beginnings as the Ashburton Electric Power Board to the present day as a provider of electricity lines and fibre-optic cables for the internet.
On Saturday 9 April and Sunday 10 April 2022, Glow in the Park will operate from 5.30 pm until 9.30 pm.
Those coming to the show are encouraged to use a public car park available off Grigg Street near the old tennis courts and picnic area.

Ashburton Domain

8th Apr 2022 - 10th Apr 2022

05:30 pm - 09:30 pm

Ashburton Domain

Admission: Admission: FREE