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Draft Trading in Public Places Bylaw

We are no longer accepting submissions on the Draft Trading in Public Places Bylaw

Mobile shops, stalls and trading in public places adds character and vibrancy to our district and can help us to attract visitors, but it needs to be well managed so it doesn’t cause a nuisance for our residents.

We have reviewed our bylaw (currently known as the Mobile Shops, Stalls and Hawkers Bylaw), and we're proposing a few changes including adding more permitted sites for mobile trading.

Key Changes:

We are proposing to rename to Mobile Shops, Stalls and Hawkers Bylaw to ‘Trading in Public Places Bylaw’, as we believe it more clearly describes what the bylaw is about.

We want to introduce new permitted and discretionary sites for mobile traders in places that aren't currently catered for, such as Lake Hood and Rakaia.

Check the consultation document to find out more about these changes.

Find Out More:

  • Community consultation

    23 May – 23 June 2022

    We’ll seek feedback from the community.

  • Submission hearings and deliberations

    6 July 2022

    Submitters can present their views to Council in person at the hearing. Council will then consider and deliberate on submissions.

  • Bylaw finalisation

    6 July – 13 July 2022

    We will make the necessary changes to the draft bylaw as a result of deliberations. This stage may also include legal review of the proposed bylaw.

  • Final Bylaw adoption

    Proposed 27 July 2022

    The final bylaw is expected to be adopted by Council at this meeting.

Submissions received