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This is the ‘elevator pitch’ section of the investment plan for the event. Please highlight the: 1. Purpose of the event, High-level outline of how it will support the goals of the region, Key focus areas, and How you will know it’s been a success.

Please describe The context of the region covered in this plan, The importance of your event to the region Priorities and existing events, why does your event stand out in the region? Existing capability and capacity to manage and administer the event Anything else that will help us to understand the context of your event.

Please describe: Target markets to attract to the region (e.g. geographical regions targeted/demographics). Type of event. Your focus, new or scaled up existing event.

Is your event ticketed?

Please describe how you will stimulate out of region visitation. Please specify: Your approach to developing or investing in the event for the duration of the funding period. How you might leverage exiting events funding from Local Government, Trusts or private sector funding sources. How you will collect information to measure success e.g. number of out of region visitors/economic impact/ Customer satisfaction.

Please describe how you will ensure the available infrastructure is adequate to host, manage and deliver the event. You may also wish to describe: How the existing infrastructure meets the needs to support the delivery of the event. Capacity constraints of supporting events of a certain scale and/or nature. Committing to partnering with other regions or stakeholders to deliver the event. The supply chain that is available to support the event. Anything else that may pose a risk to delivering the plan.

Please describe: How you will coordinate and collaborate with other regions or organisations to ensure value for money, How you have undertaken an events scan for competing or similar events to avoid duplication, How you reduce the risk of: Funding being used to competitively bid for existing events. Duplicate funding for events in New Zealand (e.g. two regions paying for the same cost to bring an international act to New Zealand). Regions delivering similar events at the same time to reduce event fatigue and to ensure events, both new and existing, are not competing for the same visitors. How you will work with others involved with national or multi-regional events to ensure a coordinated approach and funds are appropriately managed.

Event Finances
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The event organiser is compliant and will continue to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules and professional codes of conduct or practice including but not limited to health and safety and employment practices. *

I have secured all appropriate authorisations to submit the Plan application, to make the statements and to provide the information in the application; *

I consent to this application being publically released. I have identified any commercially sensitive and personal information. *

I understand that the falsification of information, supplying misleading information, or the suppression of material information in this application, may result in the application being eliminated from the assessment process and may be grounds for termination of any contract awarded as a result of this application process. *

The applicant consents to ADC/EMC undertaking due diligence including any third party checks as may be required to fully assess the application. *