Community Events 2022 Round 1

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Please read this information prior to completing your application.

Ashburton District Council believes it has a role to play in supporting new community events, and / or building the capacity of existing events, to become established in the District. Each year Council allocates funding for the ‘Community Events Grants’.

Events must not start before 1 October and be complete within 12 months.

The purpose of providing Community Events Grants funding is to support new events and / or build the capacity of existing events in the district that are open to the public, and which enhance the community by contributing to its social and economic wellbeing. The events must have a wide public appeal.

Grant Eligibility
In order to be eligible to apply for funding, all events must meet the following criteria:
*Take place within Ashburton District (with the boundaries of the Rakaia River to the Rangitata River from the Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean).
*Be a new event to the District, or build the capacity of an existing event in the District. Funding may be given to an event for up to two years, subject to event results and reporting requirements being met.
*The event must take place between 1 September 2022 to30 September 2023.
*The general public must be able to participate in, or watch the event.
*Must have secured at least 50% of the total cost of the event for which they are applying.  
*Must not coincide with another major event in the District, unless compatible.
*Be a smoke-free event, be sun-smart and working towards ‘zero waste’.
*Provide a detailed budget, including what the requested funds will be used for (refer to the ‘Funding’ Section).
*Provide a detailed marketing / promotional plan, with the target market clearly identified.

Assessment Considerations
Council will consider the following:
*The number of anticipated attendees to the event.
*Accessibility of the event to the general public.
*The community contribution to the event (including volunteers, in-kind work or materials and financial support).
*Other sources of funding potentially available to the applicant.
*Any previous assistance provided by Council.

Applicant Eligibility
Applicants must be:
*Based in the Ashburton District
*The administering / governing body for the event.
*Applications will only be accepted on the completed Community Event Application form.
*Incomplete applications that do not provide all of the requested information will be excluded from funding assessment.

The maximum individual grant available is $6,000 and can be no more than 50% of the total event cost.
The applicant’s share of the event’s cost can be in kind work or materials, or financial.  
All grants must comply with Council’s Community Grants and Financial Assistance Policy.
Grant funding may only be used for the following:
*Promotion (including but not limited to: advertising, signage, printed materials, online presence).
*Traffic management plans.
*Waste management measures.

Ineligible Projects
The community event funding cannot be used for the following:
*Liquor and food licensing
*Entertainment fees
*Public liability insurance
*Equipment hire
*Event running costs (including power, water, phones, ticketing, IT charges).

Funding Agreement
Successful applicants must complete and return an accountability form on the completion of the event, and within the financial year which funds were granted.
Receipts are required for all expenditure.
Organisations that do not return a completed accountability form will not be eligible for future Council grant funding.

The final funding decisions are made at the discretion of Ashburton District Council. Successful applicants’ event details may be used for publicity purposes.

Application Dates
The Community Events Grant is available through a single contestable process held in February of each financial year.

Organisation Name

What is the application for?

Your Organisation's postal address details:

Primary Contact Person

Secondary Contact Person

Including purpose, membership, history in community.
Status If applicable
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Maximum upload size of 10mb

Event Dates
Provide a description of the event to be funded and how it will be delivered. If you have a separate event plan (or similar), this can be attached and referred to.
Provide attendance numbers from the previous year if available
How will you reach your target audience? You may attach a marketing plan if you have one
E.g. Participation numbers, feedback forms, number of returning spectators assessed via survey etc.

Financial Information

Please complete this simple budget to show the costs associated with your event and how the funding would be allocated. Click here to download

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What other funding are you applying for, for this event?

Voluntary Efforts

Application Confirmation
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The following must be read and accepted by the Primary Contact Person listed.

I/We hereby declare that the information supplied here on behalf of myself /our organisation, to the best of my/our knowledge, is true and correct and that I/we have the authority to make this application on behalf of our group (if applicable).

I/We hereby declare that we have a Health and Safety Plan in place for the project / programme.

I/We consent to Ashburton District Council collecting the personal contact details provided above, retaining and using these details for the purpose of review of the Community Events Grant. I/We acknowledge my/our right to have access to this information. This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

I/We understand that my/our project/programme details may be used for promotion of the Community Events Grant and that I/we will be contacted if Ashburton District Council wishes to use these.

I/We understand that the funds received as a result of this application may only be used for the purpose in which they were granted and that a report form with supporting invoices must be submitted to Ashburton District Council on completion of the project / programme.

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Applications close 5pm, 31 August 2022
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