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Emergency Relief Fund

The Emergency Relief Fund is accepting applications to support individuals and families affected by the May Flood where an immediate need exists. The outpouring of support from communities all over the country in the wake of the Ashburton Floods has been incredible and the relief fund provides a further avenue of support for those in need. The eligibility to apply is reasonably wide in the hope those in real need are not in any way inhibited from gaining the support they need.

The fund is also available to support local businesses whose activities have been restricted by the floods.

It will also be available to help meet extraordinary costs of not-for-profit organisations providing support to the community through this time.

Flood-related emergency relief grants  

Support for individuals and households affected by the 2021 Flood is the priority in payments from this fund. Grants are paid out to successful applicants in a one-off payment.


In order to be eligible for the grant:

(a)  At the time you apply, you must be experiencing hardship (financial or emotional) as a result of the May 2021 Ashburton Flood

(b)  You must have been resident in the Ashburton District on 28 May 2021;

(c)  You must be at least 16 years of age;

(d)  Only one application will be considered for each household

Please provide material supporting the application and demonstrating that your circumstances are due to the Flooding.


Where an application is successful, the amount of the grant will be decided by Emergency Relief Fund Allocations Panel, depending on your situation and the evidence you provide of the hardship or loss. The amount of the grant will depend on circumstances

All grants are subject to the availability of the funding. Funds are limited and will be paid out in
order of the applications received.

Means of payment  

Grants will be paid directly into a bank account in the name of the applicant (or into a joint account where the name of the applicant is one of the joint names on the account).

Process for all applications  

In order to apply for a grant, you must complete an Emergency Relief Fund application form available below.

All applications are assessed by the Emergency Relief Funding Allocations Panel, who meet monthly and aim to make all payments on/before the last working day of the month the application is received.

Applicant Details
Gender *

1: Are you a ratepayer and own property within the Ashburton District district? *
3: Are you a permanent resident of the Ashburton district? *
4: Has anyone in your household applied for or received financial assistance from any other organisation relating to the Flooding *

Organisation applied to, Nature of assistance & Amount received

Any documents or material that supports your application by demonstrating that the hardship or loss is due to the May 2021 Ashburton Flood

A copy of an electricity account, phone account or bank statement showing your name and your usual residential address

Details of the bank account you wish the grant to be paid in to (attach either a printed deposit slip, or a copy of a bank statement showing your name and account number)

I/we declare that the information provided is true and correct. I/we understand this application may be declined if any of the above information is not correct. I/we grant permission for the Ashburton District Council to contact other relevant government or non-government organisations for the purpose of considering this application. I/we also understand the Privacy Act 1993 entitles me to have access to, and if necessary request correction of, the information.