Abandoned Cars

What is an abandoned vehicle?

A vehicle (car, truck, and trailer) may be considered abandoned if:

  • It's parked on a public roadway and
  • It has been there for an unusual length of time, and
  • The owner can't be located, and/or
  • The vehicle is trashed, stripped, has no licence plate, or no current registration or warrant of fitness

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

Report an abandoned vehicle to us by calling (03) 307 7700. It would help us to have as much information about the vehicle, such as:

  • Is the vehicle registered or warranted?
  • Where is the vehicle parked?
  • What is the make, model, colour and registration number?
  • What condition is it in?
  • How long has the vehicle been there?
  • Do you know who owns the vehicle?

 Ashburton District Council has no authority over abandoned vehicles on private property. 

What happens when I make a complaint?

When the Council receives a complaint about an abandoned vehicle we check with the Police to see if has been stolen. If it has not been reported stolen, Council will write to the registered owner and give them seven days to remove the vehicle.  If no action is taken the vehicle will be towed by a Contractor.

What do I do if my vehicle has been towed by Council?

Once towed the registered owner or person claiming the vehicle is required to pay a fee to Ashburton District Council. Our contractor will then return the vehicle.  If the Contractor has stored the vehicle they may charge additional storage costs.


Page reviewed: 24 Sep 2013 9:09am