Ashburton Cemetery Extension

​Why do We Need a Cemetery Extension?

Ashburton District Council is extending the Ashburton cemetery to provide for our burial and remembrance needs for the next 80 years. With our population continuing to grow and the average age of our residents increasing we need to look to our future requirements. Our district is also becoming more multicultural and we need to cater for a range of beliefs.

Council owns land adjacent to our existing cemetery which is set aside for future expansion. Developing new cemetery space will begin in the next 3 to 4 years and be carried out in two phases to meet future requirements. The extension of the cemetery has given us a chance to look at new features we could incorporate into a new cemetery space.

The concept plan below shows a design that includes possible new features.


What Are...?

Natural burials are an environmentally-friendly burial option. The burial is carried out in a way that allows decomposition to occur naturally. There are no headstones but trees or shrubs are planted as a memorial. Natural burial is increasingly popular around the world and New Zealand.

Ashes plots include lawn and garden areas for burying ashes. There are also garden areas for scattering ashes.

Memorials are used to commemorate people not buried with a traditional headstone or plaque. It provides a place for family and friends to remember these people.

Children's area is specifically for children under 9 years.

Facilities could also include a covered all-weather area and additional seating and toilets.

For more information, contact Council by email or call (03) 307 7700.

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