Current consultation


​​​Ashburton District Council engages with the community on a range of Council matters and projects through consultation and feedback.

Including community views as part of decision-making processes is an important way of ensuring residents can participate in decisions that impact on the current and future wellbeing of the community.

Current council projects and matters you can provide comment and feedback on are displayed below.​​

Draft policies and bylaws

​​Revenue and Financing Policy

​​Ashburton District Council is proposing to amend the Revenue and Financing Policy. This will replace the existing 2015 policy. Council is now consulting on the proposed Revenue and Financing Policy, which is available in full here. It outlines Ashburton District Council's approach to funding - the aim being to ensure ratepayers pay what is fair.​

Below are the full refuse collection and water supply extension area maps that are included in the Policy.

Ashburton refuse collection extension area map  
Fairton refuse collection extension a​rea map  
Lake Hood refuse collection extension area map 
Methven refuse collection extension area map ​ ​ 
Winslow refuse collection extension area map  ​​​

Ashburton water supply proposed extension area map

Elderly Persons Housing Policy

Ashburton District Council is making changes to the Elderly Persons Housing Policy which may affect you. The proposals include changes to the criteria that determines who can live in elderly persons housing, new rent levies and additional restrictions for smoking and keeping animals in the units.​

Property Holdings Policy​

Ashburton District Council is making changes to the Property Holdings Policy which may affect you. The new draft Property Holdings Policy clearly reflects Council’s current approach to property ownership and management in Ashburton District.

Cemeteries Bylaw​

Council is proposing a new Cemeteries Bylaw to provide adequate measures to ensure the healthand safety of visitors and workers, prevent damage and misuse of cemeteries, and provide for the deceased in a controlled and respectful manner. The draft Cemeteries Bylaw 2017 will revoke and replace the existing Cemeteries Bylaw 2008.​

Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy

Ashburton District Council is making changes to theDangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy. The new draft Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy clearly reflects Council’s current approach to managing dangerous and insanitary buildings in Ashburton District, and meets the requirements of the Building Act 2004.​

Methven community survey

The Methven Community Board is seeking feedback from the community to help determine upcoming community projects in Methven.  

Take this short survey to get your ideas heard! Feedback closes Sunday 30 April at 5.00pm.

Click here to complete the survey

Current alcohol licence applications

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Notified planning applications

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